Shot by: Anand George for Drive Around The Globe After a series of day-to-day challenges, I decided to embark on an epic…
Author: Snehal

Shot by: Anand George for Drive Around The Globe

After a series of day-to-day challenges, I decided to embark on an epic inter-country road trip with friends. With the first leg of the journey commencing from New Delhi to Lucknow, I had one thing on my mind: comfort. After all, the road ahead promised to be long and winding, and I needed a place to rest my weary head that was as smooth as the road itself.

Enter Novotel Lucknow, my haven of comfort in the heart of the city of Nawabs.

Our journey began with the mighty Mahindra Scorpio N, a car that promised a comfortable ride through every twist and turn. The roads were impeccable, much like the interior of our trusty Scorpio N, but we needed a place to match this level of comfort or even surpass it. Novotel Lucknow seemed like the perfect choice, and oh boy, it exceeded all our expectations in the comfort department.

As we pulled into the hotel after indulging in the famous Tundey Kebabi – a gastronomic adventure in itself – all I craved was a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep. And Novotel delivered just that. The clock had struck midnight when we arrived, but there was no shortage of warmth in the welcome we received. We were greeted with refreshing welcome drinks, which were a much-needed pick-me-up after a long day on the road. The staff at Novotel Lucknow went above and beyond to ensure our check-in was hassle-free, and our luggage was swiftly delivered to our rooms.

One thing that immediately stood out was the hotel’s unwavering commitment to cleanliness and hygiene. In a world where health and safety are paramount, Novotel Lucknow left no stone unturned in this regard. The suite I had chosen was a treasure trove of amenities. From a hair dryer and ironing board to soundproof rooms and blackout curtains, Novotel had thought of everything. I was spoiled for choice, and it was clear that they had comfort down to a science.

After an overnight sound sleep, I made my way to ‘The Square’ restaurant, a haven for food lovers. The morning greeted me with classical live music, setting the perfect mood for the day ahead. The breakfast spread was nothing short of spectacular – the kind you usually see in glossy posters. But what truly stole my heart was the small hand-cart coffee shop, adding a rustic charm to the overall ambience.

For those looking to stay active even on vacation, Novotel Lucknow has a rooftop swimming pool and gymnasium. I may have indulged in one too many kebabs, but a dip in the pool was just what I needed to keep my energy levels up. As a seasoned travel journalist, I’ve seen my fair share of accommodations, but Novotel Lucknow left a lasting impression. The combination of comfort, hospitality, and attention to detail is unparalleled.

So, if you are one of those, just like us, embarking on a journey through the vibrant city of Lucknow, make sure to check into Novotel. You’ll not only get an endless dose of comfort at every corner but also a dash of drama, a pinch of fun, and a whole lot of unforgettable memories. As my school friend Sumit, now a colleague, says, ‘Memories, Bro.’ It’s a place where comfort meets culture and heritage, and I can’t wait to return for another adventure. With this, I say Novotel Lucknow isn’t just a hotel; it’s an experience.