Shot by: Anand George for Drive Around the Globe Embarking on an inter-country road trip with my friends through the enchanting lands…
Author: Snehal

Shot by: Anand George for Drive Around the Globe

Embarking on an inter-country road trip with my friends through the enchanting lands of India, Nepal, and Bhutan, finding a sanctuary of comfort and luxury is crucial. Our journey was exhilarating, filled with breathtaking landscapes and thrilling adventures. After a memorable stint in Nepal, we crossed the border back into India, weary yet excited for the next leg of our journey to Bhutan. It was during this transitional phase that the Cinderella Hotel in Siliguri embraced us like a warm hug, providing the perfect dose of respite after our tiring drive from Nepal and before heading to Gangtok.

Easily Accessible Haven
Located conveniently, Cinderella Hotel is easily accessible, making it a seamless stopover for travellers like us who are on a road trip. Nestled amidst the heart of Siliguri, the hotel’s strategic location was a blessing after hours of driving. We were greeted by the hotel’s welcoming ambience, promising a haven of relaxation.

World-Class Amenities and Hospitality
From the moment we stepped foot into the hotel, we were captivated by the world-class amenities and impeccable hospitality. The staff, courteous and attentive, ensured our check-in was swift, allowing us to unwind promptly. The hotel exuded an air of sophistication, making us feel pampered and well taken care of.

Luxurious Pool View Suite Rooms
Our accommodation, a pool view suite room, was nothing short of luxurious. The spacious room boasted elegant decor, plush furnishings, and a breathtaking view of the shimmering pool below. The tranquil ambience of the suite provided the ideal environment for us to rejuvenate. After days of adventure, the comfort of our suite was a blissful retreat.

Culinary Delights at the Pure Veg Restaurant
One of the highlights of our stay was the culinary experience at the hotel’s pure veg restaurant. As vegetarians, we appreciated the diverse menu that catered to our preferences. The chefs crafted delectable dishes that tantalise our taste buds, leaving us utterly satisfied. Each meal was a delightful journey through flavours, adding a gastronomic charm to our stay.

A Haven After the Nepal-India Drive
After the long, scenic drive from Nepal to India, Cinderella Hotel felt like a haven. The fatigue of the journey dissipated as we sank into the comfort of our suite. The hotel’s serene ambience and top-notch amenities provided much-needed relaxation, allowing us to recharge for the adventures that awaited us in Gangtok and beyond.

In retrospect, our stay at Cinderella Hotel in Siliguri was not just a pause in our journey but a memorable experience in itself. It encapsulated the essence of luxury, comfort, and warm hospitality. As travellers exploring the world together, we found solace in the welcoming embrace of this remarkable hotel, making our road trip through India, Nepal, and Bhutan even more extraordinary. If you are seeking a haven of tranquillity amidst your travels, look no further than Cinderella Hotel, where every moment is a testament to the art of hospitality.

Cheers to Cinderella Hotel, the oasis of comfort that turned our travel fatigue into moments of bliss!